By: Dorothy Suresh

On March 4th, Mission Sunday, the Youth and Sunday School had combined classes.

We started with an opening prayer. The kids sang ‘Lord, I Lift Your Name on High’ and then broke into little groups. They learned about each other and also shared their faith. They watched a video on goodness, and had a Bible verse related to it.

After watching the video, the youth taught the kids Psalms 23:6. They memorized it together and we finished it with prayer.

This program was a bridge between the Youth and Sunday School children. Not only did they learn about each other, the kids now have someone to look up to or know in church to see them regularly.

Also, for the youth, it was an opportunity to share their faith, almost like a rehearsal to what they might face in the future with respect to sharing the gospel.

As we watched the kids and youth interact, we received confirmation that God has a plan for everyone.