Pastors and Staff


Darrin Lindsay – Pastor

Darrin is one of two Co-Pastors at Kingsview FMC, his areas of responsibility include Administration, People Care and Vision. In addition to his role as pastor, Darrin also serves as Network Mentor of the Free Methodist Church in Canada (FMCiC) and Network Leader for the FMCiC Toronto West Intercultural Network, a group of pastors leading ethnic, multi- and intercultural congregations.

Prior to vocational ministry roles, Darrin worked for 8 years professionally as a Certified Kinesiologist and served for several years on the Ontario Kinesiology Association’s Board of Directors. In 2004, he joined Youth Unlimited (TYFC) in Toronto and served in partnership with Kingsview FMC as Youth and Community Pastor, developing neighbourhood programs and partnerships that have impacted and/or continue to impact children, youth and families in Kingsview Village – The Westway. Darrin was appointed as Associate Pastor at Kingsview in 2008, ordained by the FMCiC in 2013, and selected as the Transition Pastor in 2014-15, prior to his current appointment.

Darrin’s formal education is an Honour’s Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo (1995) and a Master of Theological Studies degree from Tyndale Seminary in Toronto (2000). Further studies have included certificates and/or courses in radio broadcasting, community assessment, program evaluation and non-profit management to name a few.

These pastoral and leadership roles fit Darrin’s passion for social justice and his heart for multiculturalism like a glove. From advocating for marginalized people groups to repairing bicycles for neighbourhood children, Darrin sees the local church as a vital agent of transformation for people and communities.

This isn’t an arm’s-length venture, Darrin, his wife Sharon, and their daughter Adaline call Kingsview Village home. When not at work, Darrin can be found with his family visiting local parks, splashpads and beaches, exploring the diverse activities, concerts and restaurants Toronto has to offer, or cooking at home for family and friends. Darrin, Sharon and Adaline also love travelling and music; Darrin enjoys reading, movies and his vinyl record collection.


Sabrina Hinds – Assistant Pastor

Sabrina Hinds was born into and grew up in churches in the Wesleyan Holiness or Methodist traditions. In a distinct transformative experience at the age of seventeen, she responded to an invitation into a personal relationship with God – an incredible idea but very real! Since then Sabrina has experienced the difference that the truth of the Word of God applied to her life and the Spirit of God working in her life make. She confirms its positive, practical, daily impact.

The call on Sabrina’s life has been to do what Jesus showed his disciples at the Last Supper: to take up the basin of the servant, and humbly care for others. Sabrina desires to be in the trenches helping others in need, both in the church and in the community. She enjoys serving in a variety of ways including: praying for others, visiting and taking communion to those sick and shut-in, teaching in small groups, facilitating fellowship and discipleship, participating in music ministry and preaching. Sabrina prays to be used increasingly by God in ministry and to become more connected and effective in serving her local Kingsview Village-Westway neighbourhood.

In 2019, Sabrina was awarded membership in the Asbury Theological Seminary's Chapter of the International Society of Theta Phi, an academic honor as well as a challenge to continued excellence in scholarship and character. However, her greatest motivation and desire is to continually experience the Holy Spirit's radical filling and empowerment for serving others in ministry and in the marketplace.

Sabrina is blessed with a loving family including husband Kasper, daughter Krista and son Jaden. They enjoy being together, whether out in nature camping in the summer, vacationing with family in the Caribbean, or somewhat playfully battling it out in one form or another of Monopoly in the winter.

Marcia DaCosta – Communications

Marcia has found her 3 F’s here at Kingsview: Faith, Family and Friends. She believes that we are all called to use our skills, gifts and talents to extend God’s Kingdom here on Earth and sees the opportunity of being the Communications Coordinator of Kingsview as one way of doing that.

As the Communications Coordinator, Marcia plays a key role in keeping Kingsview organized and in leading all communications (both internal and external) for the church. Her past work experiences and her qualifications all help in ensuring she performs the various aspects of the role well and she is always seeking ways in which to improve in the role and help in moving Kingsview forward.Marcia is always willing to help and loves to interact with people. Her goal is to always ensure that each person she interacts with has a positive experience as this not only impacts her role and the church, but also the God that she represents.

When not at work, Marcia enjoys quality time with family, engaging with friends or settling in to watch a good movie.

Jabin Carrasco – Licensed Lay Minister

Jabin Carrasco is a child of God, a husband, a father, a friend and an educator. He is currently working towards being a minsterand is enrolled in the Masters of Theological Studiesprogrammeat Tyndale Seminary. Jabin is a follower of Jesus Christ and sees his life and relationship with God, as the center of everything he does. There is no doubt in his mind that God has a plan for him, and he is working towards it. As he has been developing and growing in his relationship with Jesus Christ,he has come to realize his deep desire to serve God by mentoring, teaching helping and serving others. Jabin and his family have begun their journey to ministry out of obedience to God’s call for them and looks forward to whatever God has in store for him and his family moving forward.

Sarah Amafu – Licensed Lay Minister

Sarah Amafu is married with two children. She came to Canada from Ghana in 2015 to further her education in Master’s in International Relations at Brock University. She joined the Free Methodist church and served in the local church as a Board member and worship leader. She later joined the Kingsview Church in 2019 where she currently serves as a Lay Minister and a Worship Team member. Due to her passion in Counseling, Sarah is undertaking a Masters of Divinity program in Pastoral Counseling at Tyndale. She hopes to be a professional Counselor and a Pastor. In the meantime, she serves with the Salvation Army Community Services in Oshawa in the Food Bank department. She also volunteers with the Voice of the Martyrs Canada as a Speaker. Sarah has a Marriage and Relationship ministry on Facebook with about 17k followers from across the globe. She is an extrovert and an adventurous person who loves worship songs and enjoys spending time with her family.