Here’s How You Can Make a Financial Contribution To

The Ongoing Ministry of Kingsview Free Methodist Church

Method 1: Online Banking (Preferred)

Kingsview Free Methodist Church (KFMC) is set up as a payee at the 5 major banks: Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), TD Canada Trust, Bank of Montreal (BoM) & Bank of Nova Scotia (ScotiaBank).

To donate via your bank you will need to know your KFMC envelope number.

If you do not have an envelope number or do not know what it is, contact the church office and our office admin can assign one to you or let you know what your number is if one is already assigned.

Once you have your KFMC envelope number, simply use your “bill payment” option via your bank’s online banking. Here is how you do it:

Log into your regular online banking site and go to the section where you set up bill payments.

Search for Kingsview Free Methodist as a payee (just like you would for any other bill).

Once you have selected Kingsview Free Methodist Church, use the envelope number you have been assigned as your “account number” >> (if your bank requires a longer account #, add zeros needed in front of your envelope number. For example, if your envelope number is 1234 but the bank requires an eight digit number, enter 00001234.)

Now you can donate via submitting a bill payment or transfer from your bank account to Kingview.

Most online banking sites will you to set up a regular weekly/monthly transaction. Consider using this so your regular tithes can be donated automatically.

All transaction are designated to our regular operating budget unless you advise the office admin otherwise by e-mail.

If you set up monthly or weekly automatic transactions via bill payment and you wish to designate other Kingsview ministries your email should indicate what percentages/amounts should be designated to which department (operating, missions, KSP etc.). This split will be applied every time a donation is sent from your account.

When your transaction is processed, the money is automatically transferred from your account to the church’s account and the bank sends a fax to the church so that we can correctly acknowledge the transaction in our accounting system. The faxes are serial numbered so we can ensure that we don’t miss any transactions.

Method 2: Pre-Authorized Debit

To set up Pre-Authorized Debit, please complete a hardcopy of this form and together with a VOID cheque, mail to our office at 15 Kingsview Blvd., Toronto, ON M9R1T5.