By: Sabrina Hinds

On August 15th, the Official Board met with two Free Methodist Church in Canada (FMCiC) National Team members. Kim Henderson, Director of Personnel, and Marc McAlister, Director of Church Health, answered many questions, sharing experiences and wisdom gleaned from their work with various churches.

They will continue to provide support as we work through the process of transition.

Here is a summary of where we are at this time:

1 We welcome Rev. Darrin Lindsay to the role of Transition Pastor.

Darrin’s first day as the pastor who leads us through this transition process is September 1, 2013. We are grateful for his thorough knowledge of the Kingsview people, culture and processes. His leadership will be important in providing stability over the next few months. Be sure to encourage him with your prayers and support as he shoulders his new responsibilities.

2 The Pastoral Leadership Task Force is on the job.

Tim Gonyou, our First Delegate, is the chair. This team is first tasked with creating our church profile in preparation for the pastoral search. The profile describes who we are as a church and outlines our mission, vision and core values. To prepare the profile, the team draws on the results of the surveys, discussions and dream session we all participated in over the last year. “Thank you!” to the members of the Writing Team who collated the data and prepared the reports on which this process depends.

3 The search for an interim preaching/teaching pastor is in progress.

With the job description written and in hand for the interim preaching/teaching role, Kim Henderson, the FMCiC Director of Personnel, is actively seeking someone to fulfil the role of preaching, teaching and pastoral care. We expect that we will quickly have that temporary role filled. Until then, we do have a slate of experienced preachers who are preparing to inspire and encourage us through the Word.

So, we are making progress towards the goal of having a leadership team in place to continue God’s work at Kingsview.

We will be sharing more details in coming services regarding our progress. Feel free to reach out to members of the Official Board with your comments, questions or suggestions.

We are walking this path together and are happy to share with you. God is refining and strengthening us for greater things ahead. Let’s pray together for His Will to be done in our lives and in our church.