In 2010, my plan is to incorporate more of the arts in our services. Dance, Drama, Photography and Visual Arts have been and are currently used to enhance worship services and to give artists an outlet for their gifts.

            At one church I visited, there was a professional photographer in the congregation, and he wanted to bless the church with his photography. He provided a beautiful picture of a little girl holding on to her father’s leg; representing the church holding on to God. It was so moving that the church blew it up and framed it, placing it an easel on the platform to display. I always believed that God created music, dance and other creative outlets because HE is a CREATIVE GOD! Look at our skies, our mountains, ourselves…God created beauty, and He has given artists the call to do the same. I know there are gifts and talents within our congregation, so if you are a dancer, actor, painter, etc. contact me and email me your thoughts. We’d love to have you!

Be sure to check out IMAGO, a Christian arts advocacy group in Toronto, for more insight on this topic:

imagesCAOILEJEGod bless,

 Jenna Burke

Director of Worship Ministries