Don Miller, Church Engagement Officer for World Relief Canada was recently interviewed by the Free Methodist Church in Canada. According to the article*, World Relief is focused on “Empowering developing communities so they mobilize their own strategies to end poverty and build hope.”

“The majority of our projects focus on long-term solutions to some of the world’s most difficult problems. We use micro-enterprise development, micro-credit, literacy, agricultural technology and farm inputs, developing water resources health education training to name just a few.”

In a nutshell, World Relief has three main priority areas:
Food: Working with partners in twelve countries – primarily sub-Saharan Africa to help secure and deliver food. This could include with working farmers to help them get a higher yield from their fields or to help them deal with droughts.
Micro Financing/Village Savings & Loans: What does a personal living in rural Africa do for a banking system? Nothing. There are no banks so World Relief helps these communities create a cooperative where people work together to manage their money and create a system so they can have some money when dry season hits or until the crops come up.
Disaster Relief: World Relief works with the Integral Alliance which is a collaboration of eighteen partners around the world who work together to respond immediately to disasters. For example, when the hurricane hit Haiti one of the Integral Alliance partners was immediately on the ground to begin responding to needs.

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