Have you ever bought an item and had to assemble it yourself?  Perhaps you were the parent who had to help a young child with a gift labelled “some assembly required.”  Have you ever had to try to put all the pieces together without the instructions?  These experiences can become a wonderful puzzle or a hair-pulling frustration, depending on how you approach them.

Is life really so different?  Often times I feel as if I need an instruction manual, a guide, or some good insight into how to tackle tough relationships, conflict, change and all that life puts in my path.  The good news is that our God has not left us without a witness to wisdom.

In our Bibles are several books that are considered wisdom literature: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs.  This summer we will be exploring the various ways that these practical books tell us how life is and how God calls us to live.

In contrast to the world around us, we want to fill our hearts with God’s Wisdom so that we can see the world through God’s lens.  If we internalize these true teachings, they will help us to deal well with adversity and to avoid creating our own chaos.  The promise of Proverbs 2:10 is that doing this will be “pleasant to our souls!”