One of the distinctive characteristics of the Free Methodist Church in Canada is the importance we place on connecting.

As one of our shared values, we build healthy inter-congregational cooperation, celebration and support. Regional Gatherings are one of the ways that we accomplish this. On Saturday, May 2nd, local GTA church leaders, delegates, and pastors will meet at Wesley Chapel in Scarborough for a time of worship, fellowship and seeking the Holy Spirit together.

There are 4 topics that are highlighted for discussion coming out of the 2013 Regional Gathering and the 2014 Annual Conference:
1. Reviving passionate Christian maturity – faithfulness in prayer & action,
2. Discipling the next generation: ministry to Children and Youth,
3. Ministry among members of the LGBTQ+ community, and
4. Missional Engagement with our neighbourhoods.

In addition to worship, video presentations and discussion, lunch is also provided. And at the end of the day we will see what the Spirit has said to us.