A Society is the Methodist term for a fully organized congregation and its members. The Society meets as a whole group at least once a year to elect Board members and other team members, such as Finance and Property Team members.

Delegates are also elected at Society meetings to serve a specific term; delegates serve as the church representatives with the Conference (the denomination) and, in times of transition, lead the Pastoral Leadership Task Force.

Kingsview’s Annual Society Meeting will take place after the morning service on June 22nd. Everyone is welcome to attend, but only members may participate in voting.

If you have any questions about this process or want to know more about membership, please talk to Pastor Darrin or any of the Board members (Brent Brown, Heather Campbell, Sabrina Hinds, Jabin Carrasco, Sharon Howell, Vinola Pakkianathen) or Delegates (Tim Gonyou, Lois Tomc).