What are human beings? You might think the answer to this question is obvious, but there are many definitions of human beings at large in the world today. Some believe we are highly evolved animals who strangely have developed the ability to reason. Others see us as spirits trapped in bodies, on an endless cycle of rebirth until we are free of ourselves altogether. Still others see humanity as sexual or political agents, seeking pleasure or freedom (or both) as our ultimate goal. Many people talk about finding fulfilment – fixing ourselves or filling up what is missing in ourselves. Many modern people experience an emptiness, a lack of meaning – as if they had a hole inside that needs filling.

What does the Bible say about human beings? What does it mean to be made in God’s image? How do our spiritual, physical and psychological aspects relate to one another? These are tough questions, but they speak to the heart of one of our culture’s most pressing issues: mental health. For the month of January, we will be exploring how the Bible speaks to this aspect of our humanity. How do we understand mental health from a Christian perspective? Rather than ignoring it or denying it, how can the church help each member to find wholeness in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and God’s people? Join us as we learn together this month.