When I think about all the volunteers who serve in the ministries of Kingsview Church, I’m filled with gratitude for each and every one of you.  In a time when peoples’ lives are full of competing demands, the idea that people commit to serving week in and week out really humbles me.

Many of our volunteers also work full-time, or work more than one job, or go to school and many are parents, coaches, or volunteer in other meaningful ways.  Some of our volunteers travel extensively for work, and/or have a spouse that travels for work.  Some are single parents that are juggling many of life’s responsibilities.  Some have health challenges.  Some are caring for elderly or sick parents.  Some are looking for work or have a spouse who is looking for work.  It’s encouraging to see people show their love of God and others by serving so sacrificially!

As often as we can, we should let our volunteers know how much we appreciate them.  It doesn’t have to be anything “official” to be significant to those serving.  We can express our thankfulness to them in unassuming ways; a card, a phone call, email or text message, a coffee or tea, a hug or  handshake, to name a  few.

Let’s make sure we simply say, “Thank you!”

On Sunday, June 28, we will celebrate with Volunteer Appreciation Sunday, and enjoy a BBQ on the church lawn after the morning worship service.  I hope you can join us, whether you volunteer at Kingsview or not.  Stay and enjoy the company of some awesome people.

Let’s also make sure that we don’t limit our appreciation to one Sunday each year, but rather spread the gratitude out through the whole year…  I’d be remiss if I didn’t invite you to serve if you haven’t ever volunteered or aren’t volunteering right now.   It would be my pleasure to have a conversation about the gifts and talents that God has given you and how you can exercise them.