Vision United Summer Camp located at Kipling Collegiate became home to over 80 campers and 20 energetic, creative and dedicated staff. Running from July 4th—August 12, the days were filled with countless fun and exciting activities ranging from simple table games to intense soccer baseball tournaments. Campers grew their creative and artistic skills through various arts & crafts projects, which led them to create banners and intricate board games. They were also able to build relationships and develop good sportsmanship skills by participating in a variety of team sports.

A typical day at camp entailed a stimulating morning game with the entire camp, followed by a debrief of the major activities that would take place for the rest of the week. Then campers would be divided into their groups (according to age) to begin their day of fun-filled activities. Campers were provided with snacks and lunches every day thanks to the remarkable cooking done by the chef and her assistant. Taco Tuesdays were a camp favourite for almost all the kids.

Campers enjoyed swimming at Westgrove pool each week. It gave them a time to cool down during the hot summer days. Many campers even achieved the goal of passing the dreaded deep end test.

The highlight of each week was the trip days! Every week we would venture off campus for an excursion. Some of the trips included: High Park, Bronte Creek, Laser Quest and more. The camp favourite was Laser Tag where all the campers competed against each other to try and win the title of Laser Tag Champion!

On Friday afternoons there was a Round Robin, a time where campers interact with different age groups to participate in a themed weekly activity. The Round Robins brought all the campers and counselors together to take part in group challenges.

Written by: Fiyin A., Itzia H. & Nadi M.

P.S. Join us for a service of Thanksgiving & Celebration for Vision United Summer Camp @ 5 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 25th