Summer is by far my favourite season.  I love not having to bundle up; I love the sun; I love to swim and I love to ride my bike.  As an atypical Canadian who doesn’t play hockey, summer symbolizes play.  I can remember as soon as I learned to ride a bike (5 years old?) I would wake up with the sun and ride up and down the road in front of our house, just enjoying the day.

Have you ever thought about the purpose of play?  I recently stumbled on this quote in an online article: Scientists note “that play helps social animals to bond with each other, enables them to sharpen their skills, and to learn about the environment around them. The same is true of humans. A human child, and probably a human adult, who has no time to play, or lives in an environment that doesn’t allow it, is seriously handicapped.”

While the article mentioned is from a purely scientific point of view, it does highlight the regenerative and healthy effects of play.  I wonder if play, delight in our bodies, our minds and interacting with God’s creation around us is a clue to our connection with our creator.  Play, in terms of generating income, learning “technical” skills, or being practical, seems to serve no purpose at all.  Yet we all get great joy and satisfaction out of a game with friends or a walk on the beach.  My prayer for you is that you take delight in God’s creation this summer season.

Make your play an act of worship of the way God has made us as humans, and how he has created a beautiful world to inhabit.  Share together some times of play as a church family – who could you invite for a walk in the park or a BBQ in the backyard?  May our play be a bridge to deeper relationship with God and with one another!