“What time is it?” How often do we ask that question during the course of a day? We ask because we need to know where we are in relation to where we need to be and where we are going. If we don’t know what time it is we may find ourselves eating lunch when we should be at an important appointment.

Churches need to regularly ask, “What time is it?” in order to where they are in relation to what is happening in their
community and what God wants them to be doing.

The LifePlan Path is a process, developed by Jared Seibert, Director of Church Health for the Free Methodist Church in Canada, which helps churches ask the right questions and find the right answers.

The leadership of Kingsview Church worked through the process in 2008 but it is time to do it again, so the Official Board of Kingsview Church, with the help of Bishop Keith Elford, will lead the congregation through the LifePlan Path again.

There are five major steps on the LifePlan Path:

  • Know what time it is
  • Find God’s opportunities
  • Trust each other
  • Dream up a plan
  • Stay on target

The LifePlan Path includes opportunities for everyone attending Kingsview Church to be involved and contribute their input and ideas. You will be hearing more about the LifePlan Path as the year progresses.