I have been challenged and encouraged by our series on Race and Culture that began in January.  Someone once said, “If you know your history, then you’ll know where I’m coming from.” As we enter into Black History Month, my prayer is that our learning about on another is deepened and expanded. The struggles of the black community not only help us to understand our brothers and sisters better, but they also call the Church to a fuller understanding of God’s Justice. As we learn together, what other places and peoples are in need of God’s Justice? How might we be humble representatives of God’s kingdom vision?

The church is called to be a foretaste of that heavenly city where all the nations bring in their glory: the good, true and beautiful from every culture, tribe and language. So, as we learn about the history and variety of black experience, we should also see this as a stepping stone to encountering the amazing variety and the richness of all the cultures represented at Kingsview. As Pastor Darrin reminded us, Kingsview is an inter-racial, inter-cultural family.  May God help us to embrace our God-given identity as we learn from one another!