In the early 1960s, several families residing in the western suburbs of Toronto were traveling a considerable distance to attend a Free Methodist church. This gave birth in 1962 to the idea of establishing a church somewhere in the general area of Etobicoke.

Over a period of several months, the concept was discussed informally among those who were interested. In consultation with Superintendent Stonehouse and the Canada East Conference, a society was organized in January 1963, with Rev. Robert Dargan as the pastor, 10 founding families and a total of 18 members.

As to suitable property, we were fortunate to get the help of Frank Barkey, a Toronto businessman, who succeeded in finding a parcel of land at 11-15 Kingsview Boulevard owned by Mrs. Evelyn Byworth. The lots were deep enough to provide room for the church and parsonage, plus considerable parking space. The purchase price was $25,000.

Through the following years, Mrs. Byworth was a generous supporter of Kingsview Church. Frank Barkey, and Selwyn Belsher, who chaired the building committee, secured the services of a building contractor and construction began on June 3, 1963. Ken Bray and David Campbell supervised construction which was completed by December.

The official opening and dedication by Bishop E. C. John took place on December 8, 1963. The total cost of the church and parsonage was $128,000.

During construction of the church, Sunday morning services were held in the Kingsview Village Public School. Sunday evening services, committee meetings, social events, etc., were held in homes.

In 1969 the Broadview Education Wing was added, providing space for a nursery and youth room in the basement, as well as a library, secretary’s office and spacious lounge on the main floor. In 1982, the property at 17 Kingsview was purchased to provide for future needs.

Adapted from Kingsview Free Methodist Church – A brief History 1963 – 2003 by Ray Hewgill