By: Sabrina Hinds, for The Property Team

On every Property Team Report you’ll see the slogan “Taking Care of God’s Property”. This year, this team’s faith and commitment to the mission has been tested.

There’s been the mundane: Together we rolled up our sleeves and painted the sanctuary. We got contractors in to replace our ‘house’ lights and exit lights with brighter low energy LED fixtures, upgrade spot lights on the platform, repair the flat roof and replace the shingles over the lower slope roof of the Broadview Education Centre.

Then there’s been the extraordinary: The extended damage caused by the great flood of July 8, 2013 requires the renovation of the entire basement, to the tune of approximately $100K.

After some delay in processing due to the sheer volume of claims, thankfully our insurance claim has been settled and restoration work is underway. Not all of the restoration costs will be covered by the insurance payout.

(Backwater valves, recommended to prevent flood damage caused by sewer backup in the future, have been installed on all our properties. We are in the process of applying for rebates from the City for the two residential properties.)

We expect to have the painting and tile installation completed from the back of the building up to the kitchen by the first week in December. Finalizing the kitchen design and obtaining permits for the work in the kitchen and bathrooms will take a little longer. That work may not be completed until January.

During this renovation, we are taking the opportunity to improve our storage management, kitchen and toilet facilities. And there’s more to come: Our church leadership is praying about the future of our property at #17— it also requires renovations.

We expect to do an extensive review of the property and make recommendations to the board over the next few months. The assessment on the sanctuary’s main roof suggests that we may have around 1 or 2 more years before it requires replacement. We estimate that the replacement cost will be around $25K.

There is much you can do:

– You can pray earnestly with us. God clearly has a purpose for Kingsview FMC. Praying builds our faith and helps us see God’s vision and hear God’s heart.

– You can work with us. Volunteer labour helps share the load of caring for our church.

– You can give. Specialized labour and materials cost, often a lot.

Thank you for your continued support. May God bless us all in every way, that we can continue to experience His love and purpose in our lives and in His church.