The Open House on September 29th was well attended, and we received several more registrations that evening.

We look forward to the first classes, starting on October 13th and 14th downstairs in the Broadview Education Centre at Kingsview Church. Classes in visual arts, and vocal and instrumental music run from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.

Additional classes will be added for the next block of classes, starting in January – stay tuned for updates. Our new website will be online soon, or check us out on Facebook!

Kipling Collegiate (a local high school) has been awarded Priority School status after several years of advocating for the change. This will allow us to offer after school programming under the Community Use of Schools initiative, where permit fees are donated in-kind (i.e. available for free!). Thank God for His provision!

For more info or to register, please contact Jessica, Jenna or Pastor Darrin.