After more than 2 years in concept and a year of research, community assessment & consultation, Board discussions, project design meetings, and data gathering, Studio 15 is officially launching on October 13th and 14th with our first art & music classes!

This new phase of Studio 15’s development is made possible because of our partnership with World Vision Canada. Through the Partners to End Child Poverty (PECP) program, we have access to a much wider range of resources than would otherwise be possible. We feel that it’s by God’s faithfulness we are being called to steward these greatly needed resources for children & youth in our community.

By collaborating in this way, we’re able to provide, among other things, the staffing necessary to get a program of this size & scope off the ground. The whole community will benefit from the expertise World Vision has to offer.

Our main goal is to ultimately cultivate hope in participants and their families. The program is designed to help youth develop the principles of Christian character, personal discipline in organization & planning, and, of course, proficiency in the arts or in music or both!

In this initial 10-week block of courses, we’ll be offering a visual arts class in drawing using a variety of mediums & 3 music classes; vocal ensemble and group piano classes for both beginners and intermediate students.

In the next session in January, we will be adding a wider choice of classes that may include dance, drama or another genre of visual arts.

Join us for our Open House on Thursday, September 29th at 6:30 p.m. in the lounge of the Broadview Education Centre, 15 Kingsview Blvd.