Studio 15 – where local youth learn the basics of bike repairs…

As I write this article it’s windy and cold and snowing outside… wasn’t it supposed to be an early spring?!

I hope by the time that you read this article it’s much warmer and April showers are preparing the ground for May flowers. Another sign of spring at Kingsview is repairing and giving away bikes to kids in our community.

Believe it or not, we’ve just started the 7th season of our bicycle ministry!! We recently sponsored a Bike Repairs 101 March Break workshop for Studio 15 here at Kingsview, downstairs in the “Broadview Education Centre.”

Over the two-day workshop, we trained 8 eager young men and women, with the help of volunteers, Alex Simmons and Jonathan Campbell. The participants each repaired at least one, and in some cases 2 or 3, donated bicycles (see picture above). We had an excellent variety of donated bikes, from BMX to Mountain Bikes, and everything in between.

At the end of the second day, we drew names randomly and they were able to choose a bike and helmet to take home. What a great start to the cycling season! This was our first time trying the workshop style classes and it was an excellent approach. We hope to add bicycle repairs and customization classes to the regular Studio 15 line-up in the near future. Stay tuned or visit for more information.

While this is our seventh season, we find ourselves in a similar situation to our first season, before we had the shop space at 11 Kingsview Blvd., in that we don’t have storage or permanent work space. We are considering a couple of options, including another garage space close by, and also returning for the spring and summer seasons to doing repairs in the open at Dixon Park.

This brings me to an important point about Studio 15 – we need your help. Our fundraising goal this year is to add 100 individual donors, each contributing at least $20 per month! In order to continue with our existing and planned programming, including the Bike Shop, we need to reach this goal.

Would you prayerfully consider supporting Studio 15 financially? For more information, you can visit our website or speak directly to Pastor Darrin or Jessica Dotson.