“Laughter is good for the soul.”

We all know there is a strong link between health and laughter. There is also a link between holy living and laughter. The healthiest and holiest people in the world are people who can laugh at themselves. Proverbs tells us, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength” (Proverbs 17:22)

There is also strong evidence that healthy churches are laughing churches. When the people in a church laugh and have a good time together, it is a sign of healthy relationships. The evidence also suggests that healthy churches feel free to cry together because they feel deeply and freely. The gospel of Jesus Christ doesn’t just affect our heads, the gospel is in our hearts.

So, how much do we laugh as a church family? Do we have fun together as brothers and sisters in Christ? Getting together with the family of God should be fun. Healthy churches are marked by strong, loving relationships among their members. Do we enjoy spending time with each other outside of church events?

Do we invite one another over for meals or for a cup of coffee? And do we regularly tell people how much we appreciate them? All of these are ways we can foster loving relationships. And, of course, we definitely want to laugh together a lot.

chili-winnersThis doesn’t mean we turn our pastors into comedians and begin our services with Jay Leno style monologues but we do value having fun together. In fact, there may be a positive relationship between serving God and having fun. We can be serious about serving God without making it dreary drudgery. Serving God, as with giving to God, is best when it comes from a cheerful heart.

One of the times each year at Kingsview Church when we get together and just have fun is the annual Men’s Chili Cook-off. Chili Bowl VIII, as it is officially known, is scheduled for Sunday, February 6, at 12:30 p.m. following the worship celebration. Winter in Toronto can get kind of cold and gloomy but nothing warms up both body and spirit like a good bowl of hot chili served with lots of fun and friendship.

Come and join the fun, try all the different kinds of home-made chili and vote for your favourite one. You might be surprised how good it will be for your soul!