By: Tim Gonyou, PLTF Chair

As many people will know, we are currently in a state of pastoral transition at Kingsview.

Prior to this transition, we had a pastoral team consisting of a Senior Pastor (Howard Olver) and an Associate Pastor (Darrin Lindsay). As we prepared for the transition, two important decisions were made by the Official Board.

The first decision was regarding what we wanted our pastoral team to look like after the transition. It was decided that we wanted to have two pastors who worked in equal partnership with one another.

Each pastor would have specific areas that they were responsible for. They would also have clear expectations as to how they would be expected to provide support in the areas that the other pastor was responsible for. Each pastor would then be accountable to the Official Board.

So, with that decision, the PLTF (Pastoral Leadership Task Force) was tasked with creating two job profiles. There was to be a specific job profile for each co-pastor.

The second decision the Board made was to appoint Pastor Darrin Lindsay as our pastor during this time of transition, a Transitional Pastor. Darrin had expressed a willingness to step up and fill that role during this time of transition, and accepted the appointment by the Board.

We are very thankful to have Darrin in this role during this time of transition.

The PLTF is pleased to announce that the job descriptions were approved by the Official Board in February. We are now in the process of finalizing the job profiles with the FMCiC and expect the job profiles to be posted soon. When they are posted, we will be able to share the specifics of the two job descriptions with the congregation.

A question that many people may ask is where this transition will leave Darrin.

From what has been outlined above, you can see that the “Associate Pastor” position that he held prior to the transition will not exist after the transition is complete. The new co-pastor positions will each be significantly different than the previous “Associate Pastor” position.

Darrin is able to apply for either of the new co-pastor positions once they are posted. If he does so, he’ll be considered along with the other applicants.

At the end of this process, we plan to have hired two pastors who will complement one another and will form a partnership that will meet the pastoral needs of Kingsview and help lead us forward toward the fulfillment of our vision, mission and core values.