By: Tim Gonyou

As we continue through the transition process here at Kingsview, I want to address a common question that many of you may have had. That question is about process.

“Why the process?”

The tongue in cheek answer would be that “we’re Methodists, we have a process about everything“. But there is a little truth in that.

We are a part of a movement that has always valued careful governance and good oversight. We currently have a process in place that balances the need for the local church to make its own decision about pastoral leadership with the need for the denomination to provide oversight and support.

There was a time, and not all that long ago, when all Free Methodist pastors we’re appointed by the denomination. This is to say that the local church had little to no control over who their pastor would be, as that decision was made by the denominational leadership. There were reasons for such centralized control.

However, the decision was eventually made to give the local churches and pastors more input in pastoral appointments. What we have now has evolved from this idea.

Here at Kingsview we are moving toward the end of transition. The PLTF is coming to a point where they will have identified a single candidate for each co-pastor position.

At such a time we will work in conjunction with the board to seek affirmation that each candidate is right for Kingsview. This will involve the candidates meeting the board, ministry leaders, members of the congregation, preaching on a Sunday, etc.

When all this has been done and if we feel ready to go forward (it’s not unknown to identify a candidate and eventually determine that it’s not a good fit for the church or the candidate after all), the official board will contact the leadership of the Free Methodist Church in Canada and request that the two pastoral candidates be appointed to Kingsview to fill the co-pastor positions that we have posted.

Our denominational leadership has its own process for ensuring that all appointed pastors meet certain requirements regarding education, theological belief, etc. The Director of Personnel, Kim Henderson, has been working closely with the PLTF throughout this time of transition. So, while we have been considering candidates, she has been ensuring that those candidates meet the denominational requirements.

When we do make our request regarding pastoral appointments, the decision will have been ours but there will have been good help, oversight and support from our denomination.

Please continue to pray for a good completion to this transition process. We are excited about the two job descriptions that have been created and the leadership model that we have chosen. We trust God to provide the pastoral leadership to move Kingsview forward in a positive and exciting way.