The Pastoral Leadership Task Force has reached a major milestone in our church’s current leadership transition. The church’s profile and job descriptions for the 2 new pastoral positions are now available!

The two documents attached to this post are a snapshot of the job descriptions.

Interested candidates should request the full documentation from Tim Gonyou, chair of the PLTF by using the form below.

Applications due by April 29, 2014.

[The closing date for the postings for the two co-pastor positions at KFMC has passed. The PLTF is currently reviewing resumes and applications. Thank you for your interest.]

Right-click the links below and save/”save link as” to download the documents to your computer.

Co-Pastor-Corporate Worship, Discipleship and Pastoral Care

Co-Pastor-Administrative Leadership, Missional and Vision

Kingsview FMC church members who would like further information, you may also contact Tim Gonyou with your request by using the form below.