We’re looking forward to our upcoming Easter services, which will include special music and much more! As of Sunday, March 7, I will be a part of the Kingsview Free Methodist community for one year!

It has gone so fast and I’m very excited. I feel so blessed to be a part of the ministry here at Kingsview. I’ve learned much, and I’ve gotten to meet amazing people! I’ve been blessed by them!

Even though it’s been a year, by no means do I feel I’ve arrived or I’m an expert on congregational worship. I am still very much a student! I’m being educated, refined and challenged, all while gaining insight on the role of music in worship. God is working in me as I continually seek out ways to better serve Him through my ministry at Kingsview!

Please join me in prayer as the Worship Ministry at Kingsview moves into a new season!

God bless~