In November last year, Kingsview celebrated 50 years as a congregation – it was a fantastic celebration!

You may remember that as part of the festivities, we published an updated history and presented a new video & slideshow of what God has done in and through Kingsview since 1963. It was great to look back, to read and see God faithfully guiding us through the first 50 years of ministry.

One thing that strikes me about our “roots” is that Kingsview was a church planted by two other Free Methodist congregations. We were mothered by the Broadview and West Toronto churches. Help came from other members of the family too, including Warden Avenue FMC (now Wesley Chapel) and Fifth Avenue FMC (in Ottawa).

Mother churches are a great image to help us understand the importance of planting churches. Moms do whatever they can to help their kids grow and develop. They provide physically, emotionally and spiritually. They also help equip their kids to live and thrive on their own. What mother doesn’t want grandchildren?

It’s interesting then that one of the conditions of help from Kingsview’s mother congregations was that we in turn help other churches get planted. Kingsview helped plant Richmond Hill FMC. I believe we were also involved in helping Bramalea FMC get started.

Now, what’s even more special to mothers than grandchildren? That’s right – great-grandchildren!

I know that my mom loves my brother’s two girls, and is maybe even more likely to go visit them than me…sometimes. As part of the Free Methodist Church in Canada (FMCiC), our central vision is to see “a healthy church within reach of every Canadian and beyond.” We can only see that vision realized by planting churches.

Jared Siebert, Director of Church Planting for the FMCiC, says specifically that “we are going to need a broad diversity of church expressions to help us accomplish our dream. Right now, as a largely rural and small town type denomination we need to plant some urban and multicultural churches.”

Do you know a healthy, urban multicultural Free Methodist church? I do… there are at least two or three in Toronto… Kingsview is one of them!

Maybe it’s time for us to pray and seek God’s direction. Maybe it’s time for Kingsview to become a mother again and help plant a new church.