By Lowell Brown

On all our Mission Trips we visit sponsored children and their families. We come across many needs and our team delights in praying for them. This story is an example of how God works in miraculous ways with His healing power.

Last May, our team visited the home of a sponsored child, Jesus Dominguez. One of the members of the team was his sponsor.

When we arrived at the home, and asked about his sister Saray, he told them that she was sick in bed and had been there for several days because she had kidney stones. The team thought it would be good to pray for her. Since she could not leave her bed, they decided to lay hands on the mother.

After the prayer and a little visit, the team was ready to leave when Saray came out of the bedroom. Everyone was quite surprised to see her! Her mother asked her, “How are you? Do you have any pain”? Saray replied, “I’m fine. I have no pain!!”

We thank the Lord for His Healing Touch in Sarays’ life.