On Sunday, February 26th, Kingsview will be welcoming David and Jennifer Wright as we continue our Race & Culture Series.David will be speaking on his perspective on community ministry development in a predominantly Muslim country.  David and Jennifer are Canadian missionaries in the predominantly Muslim country of Niger, where they are involved in neighbourhood ministry development (church planting) and leadership training and coaching, as well as developing discipleship materials appropriate for this semi-literate setting.

Following the worship service we will be gathering in the Fellowship Hall for our traditional International Dinner.  We ask each family to bring a main dish from their country of origin to feed 10 people.  We encourage those donating food to bring their dish hot in a crockpot or wrapped in towels or newspapers in an insulated container to keep it at serving temperature. When the food is brought to the kitchen area, please identify the name of the dish on a label showing the flag of the country it represents. We would also encourage everyone to wear clothing that reflects their heritage.

We look forward to a bountiful sampling of international food on February 26th.  Plan now to attend.