Esperanza (and surrounding area), Dominican Republic

There are three, yes three, upcoming missions trips to the Dominican Republic…

A team made up of mostly members from the First Baptist Church in Orillia, led by Lowell & Lois Brown, will be going from Nov. 1 to 8.

Another team will be going in early 2013, from Jan. 17 to 24. Both of these teams will be visiting public schools, Christian schools, an orphanage, and many Free Methodist churches while they are there.

Each team presents a Bible story to school-age children in hopes that they will accept Jesus as their Saviour, and many do!

The teams will also ask local leaders to identify families in need, and provide food baskets and food vouchers to especially poor families.

What a great privilege!

For April 2013, yet another team is being assembled. This one is going to complete a small amount of work that wasn’t completed on the Capilla church building in Esperanza, in 2010.

There are also plans for a multi-purpose addition that will include space for Christian Education classes, summer camps, and a medical clinic. Drawings are now underway for the next phase of this project (no firm timeline yet).