Kingsview is a Free Methodist Church; in our terminology the congregation is called a Society, made up of all the members of the church. The church itself is led by the pastors but governed by the Official Board.

The Official Board is responsible for establishing governing policies, and the general supervision of the ongoing operation of the local church and all of its ministries.

The board functions essentially as the member-representatives of the Society. Among other things, their responsibility is to plan for the organization and development of the church and its ministries.

The Society meets at least once a year to develop or refine the church’s ministry plan. There are three new board members this year: Heather Campbell, Ian Yi, and Vinola Pakkianathen (see sidebar for more info). The continuing members are Brent Brown, Lois Tomc, Jabin Carrasco, Sabrina Hinds, and Sharon Howell.

Other important groups at Kingsview include the Property & Finance Team, Pastor’s Cabinet, and the Ministry Leadership Team.

Property & Finance function as the Trustees and are responsible for financial matters. They also make provisions for the care and maintenance of the property.

The Pastor’s Cabinet assists the pastors by: meeting with them for prayer support, receiving recommendations and concerns from the congregation and reflecting on them with the pastor, and receiving recommendations and concerns from the pastor and offering support and counsel to the pastor.

The Ministry Leadership Team is represented by the leaders of the main ministry teams within the church, such as the Hospitality Team, Youth Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Worship, etc. They meet to implement board directives, plan and revise the ministry effectiveness of the church.