During the summer there are times when we just can’t make it to church – it’s the reality of summer schedules.

People are away on vacation, up at the cottage, or maybe visiting family & friends in another place. If you have young adults, teens, or older children with you, they don’t have to miss out on spiritual food if you can’t make it to Kingsview or another church.

And you don’t have to miss it either!

Try making it at home, or where ever you are. If you’re not sure where to start there are lots of good sites online that can connect movies with spiritual themes and scripture and suggest several questions for discussion.

Some sites also provide small clips from the movie as a visual aide. Here are a few to try:www.wingclips.com

  • www.movieministry.com
  • www.thefish.com
  • www.christianitytoday.com

Some additional resources (highly recommended by parents at Kingsview) that parents or caregivers can also check out to see the reviews of movie contents are:

  • www.screenit.com
  • www.pluggedin.ca
  • www.crosswalk.com

The reviews can help guide your kids in their movie watching, but keep in mind there’s no substitute for watching it first yourself and then watching it together with your kids. Below is the recipe we use for Donuts & Discussion if you want to give it a try!



  • 1 Movie or Movie Clip
  • 1 or 2 Scripture references
  • ½ dozen questions
  • 1 Open mind


  • Look for the spiritual themes in the movie as you watch.
  • Search the Bible for the corresponding themes and read the scripture(s) together.
  • Ask questions to facilitate the discussion; What does God’s word say about this theme? Where is there agreement/disagreement between scripture and how the movie portrayed this theme? How can I apply this to my life? Etc…

Young people often ask the questions we don’t want to have to answer and/or don’t have the answers to…that’s o.k.! It’s not always about giving an (easy) answer – that’s the discussion that counts!