When Pastor Howard announced his retirement in October 2012, Kingsview FMC went into transition.

To prepare ourselves for the next phase of our church’s ministry, we decided to work through the LifePlan Cycle. LifePlan is a tool designed by The Free Methodist Church in Canada to help congregations understand God’s guidance. At its core it relies on the church family to take time to hear what God is saying and calling us to do.

So far in this process at Kingsview, the Writing Team has studied and condensed information from the Community Leadership Survey, Statistics Canada Census, Local Church Demographics, Ministry Map, Congregational Survey, and the Natural Church Development Survey.

The team’s goal was to prepare a simple document which would give the congregation a clear picture of who we are, where we live and what God wants us to become. Organizing the data into the categories of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks, allowed us to structure the information into easily digestible chunks.

We encourage you to carefully read the report and pray for God’s clear direction. Then prepare to join in the Dream Session on June 9th where, together, we will answer the question: What is God saying to Kingsview?