By: Lowell & Lois Brown

The Kingsview Sponsorship Program is a Ministry of the Kingsview Free Methodist Church to the Free Methodist Churches in the Dominican Republic.

It began in 2005 because of the need to help children with their educational and spiritual lives. People in our Kingsview Church, as well as people from all over Canada and the US, began sponsoring children and before long they were wanting to visit them in their homes, churches and schools.

That is when we started our Mission Trips in January each year. We were invited into the Public Schools to present the Gospel in song, stories and craft related to the story.

Many boys and girls are accepting Jesus into their hearts as a result. Today we have a ministry in 13 Public Schools and 22 Free Methodist Churches.

Why go on a Mission Trip? First of all, there is a real need and the doors are wide open in the Dominican Republic. Most people have it in their minds that the Dominican Republic is not poor because of the many resorts along the coastline, but our mission work is two to three hours from the coast, and in a very poor area.

Most of the people are working on farms of fruit, vegetables, rice and sugar cane. People work from 7 in the morning till 7 at night seven days a week, and the work is very difficult with very poor pay.

For many years boys and girls only went to Grade six if they went to school at all. Recently, with some help, they are now finishing High School and University.

The Kingsview Sponsorship Program is nearing 500 boys and girls with 80 young people in University studying a wide variety of courses, such as Medicine, Law, Accounting and Teaching to mention a few. Our Mission Trips are a great encouragement to the people and churches there as we distribute food to needy families in the churches, schools and community.

This has been part of a huge visitation ministry supported by the Pastors of each community. The children at the schools are given the names of the Pastors and the location of the Free Methodist Church in their area. Our Churches are experiencing a great opportunity to reach new families.

Another part of the Program provides health care for the boys and girls. Most people do not have health coverage so they do not go to the doctor. We began by paying for prescriptions, but after we started the Food Program, our orders for prescriptions have dropped dramatically.

We have not paid for a prescription for two years, with the exception of the few cases of Dengue fever. Now that people are eating better, they are not getting sick like they were.

Our Program has helped many boys and girls with very serious operations and broken bones from motorcycle accidents.

We thank God for what He has done through this Program. We also want to thank the many sponsors who give sacrificially each month to make this happen. We consider it a privilege to serve the Lord through the Kingsview Sponsorship Program.