Following the “flood of the century” on July 8th, the entire lower level of the Kingsview church building was damaged, and remains closed for clean-up and restoration. The process has been slow due to the number of claims made to insurance companies across the affected areas of the city. Etobicoke was one of the worst hit areas.

A complicating factor in the clean-up and delay of the subsequent restoration was the discovery of asbestos in the old tiles of the fellowship hall and kitchen. They were a “level 1” hazard, the lowest level, and were safely removed by a specialized contractor while the building was vacant. (Please note that there was no safety concern while the tiles were in place, only during removal).

The actual restoration process can now begin. We thank you for your patience and cooperation, and ask that you continue this while the church basement remains closed during restoration. We will keep you updated as information becomes available.