Formerly known as “Kick-off Weekend” the renamed Fall Festival is a better description of the reality of Kingsview’s ministry these days. Summer is no longer a slow time in the Village. It’s actually one of the most active times!

The Fall Festival is meant to celebrate what has transpired over the summer and to look forward to what God is doing in the months to come.

So, we’ve invited a very special guest; Pastor E. Kenneth Martin, a.k.a. Pastor Kenny, to come back to Kingsview! You may remember that he is a former associate of Pastor’s Howard’s from their days at Lighthouse FMC in St. Louis, Missouri. He is currently the Senior Pastor at New Vision Fellowship in Maryland. Pastor Kenny has joined us previously. If you were blessed by his ministry, this is your opportunity to be so again.

It’s also a great opportunity to invite a friend, colleague or neighbour to hear God’s Word, as Pastor Kenny opens it up for us; he is an anointed speaker. God has worked powerfully through him and his wife, Estelle, in urban renewal, leadership & community development, church planting, and evangelism & discipleship training, to name a few. Don’t miss out!