By Lowell & Lois Brown

Last month we celebrated our Thanksgiving. It is really only in the Christian community that we stop to think about the reason why we take a day to thank God for providing us with an abundance of food. This means all the conditions were right to plant, water, and grow the things that we need.

The whole world does not celebrate Thanksgiving in the same way that we do. It was last year when we were in the Dominican Republic (D.R.) at the time of our Thanksgiving that I was telling a few people what our country was doing on that particular weekend. They did not know what I was talking about. As a result, It got us to thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if the D.R. would celebrate the same thing on the same weekend.

Roberto mentioned this to the Superintendent in the area, and he was able to communicate to our 400 churches about the idea. They all liked it. The schools liked the idea as well. The Dominican Embassy in Ottawa also thought it was a good idea.

So, on October 12, 2014, many of our Free Methodist Churches celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time in the history of the country. We thank and praise God for the way He is at work in the Dominican Republic.