The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary

Kingsview Church is serious about doing everything for the glory of God. This has been true from its beginning and is reflected in the excerpts below based on Kingsview Free Methodist Church, A Brief History: 1963 – 2003, by Ray Hewgill and Eldon Kay, adapted by Howard Olver.

The 1960’s were a time of great change in Canada and in the City of Toronto. Several families with ties to the Free Methodist Church and living in the western suburbs came together in 1962 around a vision to plant a new congregation in the Etobicoke area. With the support of the Canada East Conference, Kingsview Free Methodist Church was organized in January 1963. Ten families formed the nucleus of the new church with Rev. Robert Dargan as the pastor. Sunday morning services were held in Kingsview Village Public School.

Suitable property was becoming expensive and scarce in the area but the church was able to purchase a parcel of land at 11-15 Kingsview Boulevard with lots large enough to provide room for the church and parsonage plus considerable parking space. The purchase price was $25,000. Construction began on June 3, 1963 and was completed by December. The dedication by Bishop E. C. John took place on December 8, 1963. The total cost of the church and parsonage was $128,000.

In 1969 when the Broadview Church property was sold, some of the money, about $44,000, was donated to Kingsview Church and was used to build the Broadview Education Centre. This provided space for a nursery and youth room in the basement as well as a library, secretary’s office and spacious lounge on the main floor. In return for the Broadview money, Kingsview Church was asked to donate about $16,000 over a period of five years to help build the Richmond Hill Free Methodist Church.

The church continued to grow under the leadership of Rev. Claude Horton, the second pastor of Kingsview Church, from 1967 to 1971. It was an exciting time. The construction of a church in Dessalines, Haiti, really caught the imagination of the Kingsview congregation. A Sunday School bus ministry brought in more children than could be adequately care for. One Rally Day Sunday saw an attendance of over 300. Christian Youth Crusaders, a weekday children’s program, led by Mrs. Eva Horton also saw phenomenal growth.

The desire to do all for the glory of God has continued for more than four decades and is reflected in the life and ministries of the church today. Kingsview Church remains committed to vibrant worship, life relevant teaching and biblically based preaching. We are concerned for the health of our community and especially the needs of children and youth.