By: Lois Tomc

At a recent Bible Study, the illustration of an orchestra practice was used. During the practice time, each instrument was tuned. The sounds from that session were not very pleasing to the ear.

Yet each instrument was critical to the upcoming performance. What would an orchestra be without the violins, the horns or the percussion? When the tuning period ended, the blending of those finely tuned instruments produced beautiful music.

Kingsview is made up of many of God’s instruments – our people. Are we tuned? Are we in tune with what God wants Kingsview to be? In these days of fasting and prayer, let us take seriously this call to communicate with God and to listen to what He has to say to us regarding the future ministry of Kingsview Church.

Yes, our prayers do count! Yes, our prayers can make a difference! Let’s not be “out of tune” with God’s real plan for our church.