As we enter Advent, use these verses from the Prophet Isaiah to guide your prayers.

v1 – By the time of Jesus’ birth, the family of David had no earthly throne (Herod’s family now ruled Israel on behalf of the Romans). How does Jesus “bear fruit from the old root”? Are there barren places in your life that need to be revived by God’s Spirit? Talk to God about what new life he wants to birth in you this season.

v2 – Jesus fulfilled all of Israel’s longing for a just king, a true shepherd of God’s people. Do you see these attributes at work in yourself? If God’s Holy Spirit lives in you, are you allowing him to change you into a wise, understanding, knowledgeable person who fears the Lord? Ask God to guide you in developing your spiritual gifts. What new ways can you learn and practice what it means to follow Jesus in the Spirit?

v3 – Do you see with spiritual sight? Or do you judge by the appearance of things. Jesus was God’s Word and Wisdom in the flesh. Confess any ways in which you have judged others based on their appearance, or gossiped about anyone. How can Jesus’ teaching keep you from unwise living?

v4 – In this season, how does your life reflect justice for the poor and fairness for the exploited? Have you been generous with what God has given you in order to bless others?

v5 – Are righteousness and truth your spiritual clothing? If you peel away the outer layers, what might you be wearing closest to your heart? Ask God to rekindle a love of what is right and true in your life this season. Meditate on how Jesus was obedient and spoke truth – what stories does the Bible contain that are examples of this?