Historians, social scientists and radio talk show hosts are all talking about the signs that suggest the world is in a time of massive change – from global warming and climate change to economic turmoil, political upheaval, and the rebirth of the Maple Leafs. In the midst of this turbulence, the church is faced with a bewildering array of issues and questions but underneath them is one over-riding challenge, “What are the biblical truths we can hold onto that will anchor our faith through times of change and turbulence?”

Some wise person said, “If you ask the right questions, you are more likely to get the right answers.” I would add to that you also need to ask the right people. As Christians, we believe the right place to go to find the right answers is God’s Word. The Bible is also the right place to go to find the right questions. So we are going to be looking at the Gospel of John for the next three months, including Lent and Easter, for the right questions to help us find the right answers for changing times.

Beginning with the first Sunday in February, the preaching and teaching series for both Sunday morning Worship Celebrations and Sunday evening Conversations will look at the compelling questions found in John’s Gospel.

Here are some of the questions we will be considering:

  • The Jesus Question: “Who Are You?” John 1:19-51
  • The Life Question: “What Are You Looking For?” John1:35-42
  • The Wholeness Question: “Do You Want To Get Well?” John 5:1-15
  • The Forgiveness Question: “Has No One Condemned You?” John 8:2-11

I encourage you to attend church regularly so that you can hear what God’s answer for these crucial questions, but remember, if you cannot attend church, you can listen to the sermon each week on the church website, www.kingsviewfm.com, under KVFM Audio, or by requesting a CD through the church office.