Chistmas Food And Gift Hampers

It is Thanksgiving but Christmas is not far off and in a few weeks we will begin collecting food and gifts for our annual Christmas Hampers.

The Christmas Hamper food and gift project was begun in 2005 by a small group with a desire to get involved in a community outreach project. Each family receives two reusable grocery bags packed with food, and Christmas gifts for every child in the family.

We also assist three other churches with needs in their congregations. The original goal was to provide Christmas food and gifts for 100 families but that first year we started with 20 families.

The program has grown every year and before long the original goal was met. In 2009 the goal was exceeded as we reached almost 150 families, with 200 adults and almost 100 children.

The food and gifts come from a variety of sources. Most of it comes from donations by members of the Kingsview congregation but we also get contributions from Don Bosco High School, St. Maurice Junior-Middle School, Kipling Collegiate, Metro Stores and Wal-Mart, along with 50-60 turkeys from Second Harvest.

Our hope is to give each family enough food for the holiday season and to date, we have given out over 10 tons of food. Sometimes the commitment seemed to be larger than the food we had but we have always pulled it off with the help of God.

It is difficult to communicate the emotions expressed by the recipients of the Christmas Hampers or the out pouring of joy expressed by the children when they receive a gift. A spontaneous hug from a child sometimes tells it all. We come away with a deep feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment.

That’s what drives this program, knowing what we give is not just food but God’s love and God’s grace. We will continue giving you an opportunity to express your generosity with God’s Grace this Christmas season by donating to the Christmas Hampers and also by volunteering with packing and delivery. Please call me with any questions.

Thank you,

Martin Bowen