Kingsview is well known for its multicultural and intergenerational church family. One of the most loved Kingsview traditions is the annual International Dinner. Our most recent International Dinner was held on Sunday, April 24th, following the morning worship service. Each family was asked to bring a main dish from their country of birth. The food tables overflowed with a wonderful variety of colours, textures and flavours. Many who attended came in their traditional cultural attire. The guest tables featured flag centrepieces and twenty four large flags graced the walls, making for a festive atmosphere.

The efforts of the teens’ Cake Boss Bake-Off (pictured above) were displayed and enjoyed by everyone. The uniquely decorated cookies were sold for $5 each to support the Youth Ministry Programme. Some families also brought a cultural dessert to share. With approximately 170 people in attendance, there was definitely plenty of opportunity for interaction and comradery.

Kingsview is most blessed to have such a diverse family. We thank God for the opportunities for fellowship that we experience.

Written by: Lois Tomc