Q: If I want to join a small group at Kingsview, how would I do that?

A: There are several groups that take place at various times and locations, led by Kingsview people.  Here’s how to find out:

  1. Call the church office.
  2. Check the bulletin board in the foyer of the church for info and updates under the heading “Small Groups.”
  3. Consult our small groups publication, or
  4. Consider the groups below.
  • Tuesdays* P.M., Ladies, @ Kingsview, Contact: Evelyn Belsher or Rayma Fletcher
  • Tuesdays* P.M., Open, Mississauga, Contact: Pastor Howard
  • Wednesdays A.M., Ladies, @ Kingsview, Contact: Linda Olver
  • Weeknight (TBD) P.M., Open, Etobicoke, Contact: Pastor Darrin (New! Coming soon…)
  • Saturdays** A.M., Men, @ Kingsview, Contact: Pastor Howard or Ken Wilson
  • (*=twice a month; **=monthly)