Spring is a time of preparation. Depending on who we are and what we value, it is time to . . .

  • Give the house a good cleaning
  • Clean the yard and get ready to plant “May flowers”
  • Take the winter tires off the car, mount and balance the regular tires
  • Clean up the golf clubs
  • Untangle the fishing gear
  • Prepare the “to do” list for opening the cottage
  • Grease the wheel bearings on the boat trailer
  • Etc. etc. etc.

Spring is also a time of preparation for significant life changes. Depending on our life circumstances, we may be preparing to . . .

  • Get married
  • Retire
  • Change jobs
  • Move to a new home
  • Believe again in the Toronto Blue Jays

Whatever it is, it will take much preparation, the more the better, the sooner the better.

This is a season of intense preparation for Kingsview Church. We are facing a significant leadership change and that requires thoughtful preparation. Fortunately, the Free Methodist Church in Canada provides the “LifePlan Path” to help churches through the transition process. Significant work has already been done but there is more to come.

The most significant next steps are:

Ministry PlanDevelop a new Ministry Plan for the future development of Kingsview Church. The Ministry Plan is based on the results of the LifePlan Path. Everyone will have an opportunity to help shape the Ministry Plan by sharing what they sense God is saying to them through the 14 Days of Fasting and Prayer.

Job DescriptionWrite a new job description for the lead pastor. The present job description was developed in 1999 and was the basis for the search that led to the appointment of Pastor Howard Olver. But much has changed in the church and in the community in the past 14 years and a new job description based on the new Ministry Plan is needed in order to select the right leader for the next chapter in the history of Kingsview Church.

PLTFAppoint a Pastoral Leadership Task Force (PLTF) to conduct a search for a new lead pastor based on the new job description that is based on the new Ministry Plan. The PLTF will work closely with the Director of Personnel, Kim Henderson, and with Bishop Keith Elford through this process.

PrayerAlthough we have finished “14 Days of Fasting and Prayer,” the need for intense fasting and prayer has not ended. This whole season of transition and the preparation involved calls for a season of prayer for everything and everyone involved.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6

By Pastor Howard Olver