by Nina Cooper, Church Administrator

In commemoration of Kingsview’s 49th anniversary, I had the opportunity to interview charter member, Evelyn Belsher, about her time at Kingsview.

What are some of the earliest memories you have of Kingsview?I clearly recall the many meetings that happened in the home of Eldon & Mildred Kay, during the early planning stages. At the time there were only about fifteen or sixteen charter members, but only a handful of us were extensively involved in the planning process.
Where did you meet for Sunday services before Kingsview was built?Prior to the church being built, we used to meet at Kingsview Village Junior School. Many times after our Sunday service we would canvass the area to invite people to join us for church. I remember that Margaret Stephenson was one of the individuals that started attending as a result of our community canvassing. She began attending while were at the school and continued when we moved into the church building.
What were some of the challenges Kingsview faced over the years?The stress of the finances was a challenge when we were just starting out. We used to take turns cleaning the church each week.
Are there any other charter members still attending Kingsview?No, I am the only charter member that is still currently attending Kingsview.
What is it that has kept you coming back to Kingsview all these years?I really love the people. There is such a diverse group at Kingsview. It is such a blessing having so many different cultures come together. The love and support received from my church family over the years has been a tremendous source of strength and encouragement to me, especially during times of challenge.