Adapted from Kingsview Free Methodist Church – A Brief History 1963 – 2003 by Ray Hewgill & Eldon Kay

Rev. Robert Dargan and his wife, Edna, enthusiastically pastored from 1963-1967. The Society consisted of 18 members. The community was canvassed and several local families responded and began attending. A Sunday School was organized and soon numbered over 100.

In 1967, Rev. Claude Horton became our second pastor. During his tenure, which lasted until 1971, significant growth took place. It was an exciting time. We sponsored the construction of a church in Dessalines, Haiti, and a Sunday School bus ministry brought in more children than we could adequately care for. One Rally Day Sunday saw an attendance of over 300. The C.Y.C. (Christian Youth Crusaders), led by Mrs. Eva Horton, also saw phenomenal growth.

Rev. David Gyertson came in 1971 and growth continued. During his ministry, Kingsview acquired its
first church secretary and first youth pastor. The bus ministry continued. His tenure ended when he and Nancy returned to Spring Arbor College in 1973.

Rev. Robert Buchanan and his wife, Elaine, took leadership from 1973-1980. Pastor Buchanan’s teaching ministry was solidly Methodist. There was steady growth with the Sunday morning congregation averaging almost 150 by 1975.

In 1980 Rev. Donald Hodgins and his wife, Diana, were appointed to Kingsview. They faced the challenge of urban ministry with enthusiasm, optimism and perhaps more of an emphasis on evangelism and outreach.

In 1985 Rev. Gordon Hammond and his wife, Morna, came to Kingsview and continued until retirement in 1991. Pastor Hammond was a quiet, godly man with a sure Wesleyan emphasis in his preaching.

Rev. John Vlainic with his wife, Ruth, served Kingsview as pastor from 1991 to 1999. He came with a vision to provide a ministry to the several different nationalities worshipping in our congregation. A second contemporary style morning worship service was attempted as an alternative to the more traditional service. After a year, one service with a blended worship style seemed more suitable to the congregation.

During 1999-2000, Rev. Ron Ashton ably served on an interim basis. He and his wife, Ruth, had a productive ministry and were well accepted by the worshipping congregation.

Rev. Dr. Howard Olver and his wife, Linda, came to Kingsview in 2000. His experience serving in several other urban and inner city churches enabled him to very successfully minister to the many cultures making up the Kingsview congregation. He led a renewed focus on ministering to the community. He retired in August of 2013.

Rev. Darrin Lindsay’s leadership began as Pastor for Youth and Community Outreach in 2004, bringing new strength and outstanding growth to the church’s youth ministry. He now capably leads our congregation as Kingsview’s Transition Pastor as we await God’s leadings.