As we look ahead to our Annual Society Meeting on June 5, 2016, here is a helpful graphic that illustrates how Free Methodist churches are usually organized. It shows the relationship between the Official Board, the Pastors, the Finance Committee and the Ministry Team or what we call the Leadership Team at Kingsview.

The Nominating Committee is tasked with the responsibility of recruiting and interviewing candidates for the elected positions of the church. Rayma Fletcher, Pastor Darrin, Helen Patten and Carolyn Tomc currently serve as committee members. For the 2016-17 year we are looking specifically to find nominees for Treasurer, the Finance Team, and one additional Board member.

If you or someone you know within the congregation is gifted in these areas, please speak to one of the committee members listed before May 21st.

Visit for the full graphic of the FMCiC Financial Bulletin: Church Finance Committee Guidelines, that outlines the nature of the Official Board, Pastors, Finance Committee & Ministry (a.k.a. Leadership) Team.