By: Sabrina Hinds & Lois Tomc

Pastors and delegates from the Free Methodist Church in Canada meet every three years for a conference at the Marriott Hotel on Dixon Road. May 16-19th saw Kingsview represented by Pastor Darrin Lindsay and delegates, Tim Gonyou and Lois Tomc.

The conference was open to observers and live-streaming was also available so the proceedings could be followed off-site. For Board Chair, Sabrina Hinds, this was a new experience, while Lois has been Kingsview’s delegate for a number of conferences.

Over the years friendships and ministry connections are made. Renewing those is always a highlight for Lois. The discussions, both on and off the conference floor, were stimulating and thought provoking.

Some of the current issues in our broken world had been worked on in great detail previously by study teams. Such topics included the opportunity to provide input into the upcoming changes to the prostitution laws in Canada and a round table discussion on how a congregation would/could reach out to people who practise a different lifestyle – people who are different than us.

Proposed changes to the FMCiC Manual were also presented and voted on. An overwhelming vote of support was given to Rev. Keith Elford in his re-election as Bishop.

For Sabrina, the meshing of prayer and worship with the business of the church made an important statement.

It emphasized that as Christians, we do not downplay business, nor do we become secular when we do business, but business is also worship: yet another opportunity for us to acknowledge God’s direction over our church and our lives; another opportunity to live according to His principles; another opportunity to rely totally on Him and experience His gracious provision.

The theme of the conference both challenged and questioned our reliance on God: “We Have Everything We Need?!” As our leaders stood to pray, one after another they affirmed this dependence on God with a passion that was soul-stirring.

Let us also stand and affirm with our leaders that “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of Him who called us by his own glory and goodness.” 2 Peter 1:3.

We do have everything we need!