By Lois Tomc

It was in 1987 that I started what has now become a tradition for our family … the annual Christmas letter.

I have always loved sending and receiving Christmas cards, especially the ones with personal notes on them. Back then, I would hold the cards of those I held most dear to the end and then write pretty much the same thing in each card before mailing it off. That’s when I decided that a letter would be a great idea. In the 80s, Christmas letters were pretty much unheard of.

As I began to write my 28th Christmas letter, I looked over my daily planner to remind myself of what had made up my 2014. I noted a variety of events… some exciting, like weddings, birthdays and a graduation, and some not so much fun, such as medical and dental appointments. However, as I thought over these events, it gave me reason to be thankful for the high points of the year… and thankful that I live in a part of the world where medically trained people are readily available to meet my needs, for family and friends that bring joy and richness to my life and thankful that I can live and worship without fear.

In October, Canadians celebrated a day of Thanksgiving, as did many in Dominican Republic for the very first time. In November our friends south of the border did the same. In December, let us once again celebrate Thanksgiving as we reread the Christmas story and realize how different our lives would be without the coming of the Christ Child. Spread the word as you send greetings to those in your circle during this Advent Season. We are indeed blessed.